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New Integrations

Launch of AE's Privacy Centre

AE's Privacy Center is here to help the businesses we work with offer built-in GDPR-level compliance. Businesses can now give their users the tools to manage their own data. Learn more about that here.

Changes to our Custom Data Retention Policy

Our Custom Data Retention Policy comes into effect Tuesday, June 2nd. We will be working with each of our customers to create new data retention policies.

Upcoming Social Integrations

We are actively exploring and developing integrations with new platforms in the gaming vertical. Upcoming integrations include:


Twitch is an online video streaming network where millions of people come together live every day to chat, interact, and make their own entertainment together.


Discord is a free voice, video and text chat app for teens and adults ages 13 and up. It was created to bring people together through a love of gaming.


Steam is the ultimate destination for buying, playing, discussing, and creating games. Steam allows for instant access to nearly 30,000 games from AAA to indie and everything in-between.

We now have Twitch and Discord integrations! Create a Twitch app. Create a Discord app.

Changes to Existing Social Integrations


As of March 31st, 2020, Instagram will be deprecating its Legacy API, and replacing it with their new Instagram Basic Display API for public users, and Instagram Graph API for business accounts. Some functionality will be removed from our current Instagram offerings, as some endpoints are being deprecated moving forward.

Here's how this will affect AE:

  • Basic Display API for public users will no longer provide ‘followers’ as an insight metric. In order to keep this insight via the Graph API, the user must have a business account. Typical consumers will not have this type of account, so we believe that this metric will be widely unavailable going forward.
  • Facebook is stating that using Instagram as an authentication method is no longer allowed, and any apps using it will be rejected. Facebook recommends instead to use the ‘Log in with Facebook’ authentication method in order to gain user permissions for their Instagram activity. 
  • Because of this, Instagram will not be offered as an authentication service within AE Connect for the time being.
  • AE Insights will no longer continue to monitor Instagram users who had previously given listening permission. Facebook has changed the login flow to stipulate that all scopes must be newly approved by Facebook.
  • AE continues to examine the ability to use other login methods to link to Instagram activity permissions (ie. Log in with Facebook, email and password), and will update customers as we learn more in the coming months.
    • If your teams are working on a project correspondent to this new API structure and want to use AE, reach out to Customer Success to discuss implementation and strategy.
  • However, all historical IG behavioral data will remain in AE in accordance with and subject to our data retention policy
  • Instagram has extended their short-lived token (1 hour) to a long-lived token (60 days), with refresh tokens available for continued access.


  • Current best practices from Spotify suggest that you shouldn’t continue to use ‘recently-played’ as a historical data collection point going forward. A benefit of this is that it removes less useful data (ie. single track plays).
  • Instead, use Heavy Rotation to identify your Top Artists/Top Tracks. The benefits of this are:
    • As a result of these best practices, AE will be extending/adding more top artist/track capabilities for Spotify to expand timeframe searchability of the data.
    • By definition, Heavy Rotation of Artist or of Track signifies a high rate of engagement/repeated behavior.
    • You can use Heavy Rotation of Track to specify a specific Track.
  • ‘Recently-played’ scope no longer provides paging capabilities and now only returns 50 most recent tracks.
    • If you wish to refresh this data more frequently, it is possible. However, this would result in an increase of API calls against your license limits and would also increase the amount of calls to Spotify, which may result in an overage on that end as well (depending on your developer setup with the Spotify team).


  • Soundcloud is no longer processing API applications at this time. This means that going forward, Soundcloud can no longer be offered as part of AE Connect. If you currently have previously-approved Soundcloud apps running, they should continue to operate as usual, but you will not be able to create new Soundcloud apps.

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