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The New AE Walkthrough

What is the walkthrough?

Confused about that popup appearing on your dashboard all of a sudden? That’s our brand new walkthrough!

We've had a lot of feedback from folks just like you, saying, "I'm not sure where to start with AE?" Well, we've got you covered with our brand new walkthrough that will show you how AE works and get you familiar with our dashboard.

We can’t wait till you use our customer insights to improve your marketing every day.  

What if I’m already all set up?

Our walkthrough will recognize if you’ve already done one (or more) of the steps. If that’s the case, you'll skip past those. 

You'll be seeing something a lot like this. Notice how a couple of steps at the top already have little checkmarks beside it? Our engine recognizes that those steps have been completed already, so you won't have to do them again.

We're still going to show you how we capture customer behavior... it's pretty cool! You'll be through the rest of the walkthrough in just a few clicks, and you'll see some cool stuff :)

Can I skip the walkthrough?

Nope. Here’s the thing: you took a big step signing up with us (thank you!) and this walkthrough will unlock the full power of AE to super-charge your marketing.

Let us show you everything you can do!

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