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AE Release Notes 3.7

Thursday Feb 7 2019

Dashboard (general and performance)

  • Removed walkthrough code | Jennifer Tigner
  • Improved data view refresh rates. Data will appear more immediately with API and Dashboard | Jeff Mitchell
  • Improved Overview page response and caching for 7, 14 and 30 Day views | Jeff Mitchell
  • General performance optimizations for panels and charts | Jeff Mitchell
  • Hid all tours for Enterprise-level accounts | Jennifer Tigner
  • Better mobile optimization for tours mid-screen-size | Jennifer Tigner
  • Changed tour buttons to "Need Help?" and added a tour guide | Jennifer Tigner
  • Changed 'End Tour' to 'Skip' and got rid of 'Previous' button | Jennifer Tigner
  • Member counts showing for All Member Segment reports | Jeff

Dashboard (AE Connect)

  • Removed overview page tour | Jennifer Tigner
  • Removed completion check boxes from AE Connect tabs | Jennifer Tigner
  • Created installation instructions for Squarespace accounts | Jennifer Tigner
  • Re-designed the installations tab - looks awesome and now there is WordPress, Squarespace, and manual instructions | Jennifer Tigner
  • Mobile optimization for the social app pop-ups | Jennifer Tigner
  • [Enterprise accounts only] Resized "Create New Application" popup for mobile screen sizes | Jennifer Tigner
  • [self-serve accounts only] (bug fix) privacy form reverts AE Connect to inactive if the privacy url is invalid | Jennifer Tigner
  • [self-serve accounts only] Added tour for Data Protection & Privacy form | Jennifer Tigner
  • [self-serve accounts only] Added tour in social app popups (hides if the social app is active) | Jennifer Tigner
  • [self-serve accounts only] Added tour for permissions/allowlisting | Jennifer Tigner
  • [self-serve accounts only] Added tour for API keys and examples section | Jennifer Tigner
  • [self-serve accounts only] Added tours to each Installation tab | Jennifer Tigner
  • [self-serve accounts only] Privacy Policy form - added better messaging if the url is rejected | Jennifer Tigner

Dashboard (Brands)

  • Removed AE as the test brand | Mike Penhall
  • Tour for Add A Brand/Brand Edit page | Jennifer Tigner
  • [Enterprise only] Sidebar now shows Popular (Top Brands) in dropdown | Jennifer Tigner
  • [Self-serve accounts only] Changed wording and added a tour to the brand sidebar if no brands have been added yet | Jennifer Tigner
  • Lighten example text on brand edit page | Mike Penhall
  • Switched the order of the edit button and switch brands button in the Brands sidebar | Jennifer Tigner

Sign-up site

  • Change welcome survey to upload all questions to Intercom at the end, rather than after each question | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up site: Added session_write_close() for engine and survey | Mike Penhall


  • Authentication window resized to better accommodate increased text | Jeff Mitchell

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