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AE Release Notes 3.4

Monday August 27th 2018

AE Connect

  • Message for user to fill out form near Master Key | Jennifer Tigner
  • Switch to Privacy tab when status message says it's not done yet | Jennifer Tigner
  • Installation: make step 1 "domain allowlisting" | Jennifer Tigner
  • Change title (browser tabs) on AE Applications Page to "AE Connect" | Mike Penhall
  • UI to mark tabs as complete | Jennifer Tigner
  • Hide Developer API Examples section if AE Connect is inactive | Jennifer Tigner
  • Redesign for AE Connect list page | Jennifer Tigner
  • Mobile optimization for AE Connect list page | Jennifer Tigner
  • Bootstrap-tour for AE Connect page | Jennifer Tigner
  • Spacing fix for blue activated dots on social apps | Jennifer Tigner
  • WordPress installation instructions for the WP repository store (auto-install) | Jennifer Tigner
  • Social app popup:
    • Redesign into basic/advanced pill tabs | Jennifer Tigner
    • Show advanced tab but hide contents if there's no social app permissions | Jennifer Tigner
    • User notice: permissions will revert to default if they try to remove them all | Jennifer Tigner
    • Ensure user's custom permissions don't have spaces/commas | Jennifer Tigner
    • Turn permissions into individual tags rather than a single string | Jennifer Tigner
  • Delete Partner Key redirects to social tab | Jennifer Tigner
  • Fix capitalization of social app names in various places | Jennifer Tigner
  • Partner Key needs email format validation | Jennifer Tigner
  • Split Partner Key "add/edit" popup into pill tabs | Jennifer Tigner
  • Styling for Partner Keys popup | Jennifer Tigner
  • Split social app icons into groups | Jennifer Tigner
  • Email social app is now unclickable: hover msg only | Jennifer Tigner
  • Check duplicates when the user enters additional social app permissions | Jennifer Tigner
  • ?service=facebook removed when the user closes the Social App modal | Jennifer Tigner


  • reset_password checks that member_serviceID is actually email account | Jeff Mitchell
  • Fixed issue where 'copy button' wasn't copying to clipboard | Jennifer Tigner


  • Format checking for domains and IP addresses in AE Connect | Mike Penhall
  • Show segment name in activity filters | Mike Penhall
  • Replace all hard coded themes path with dynamic | Jeff Mitchell

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