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AE Release Notes 4.01

January 22, 2020

Dashboard site

  • Add ChannelMemberCount to daily cache crons | Jeff Mitchell
  • Logins tab report (Members by Channel) displaying data | Jeff Mitchell
  • Fixed JS cross site error in dashboard | Mike Penhall
  • Updated terminology for Spotify activity: collection -> your library | Mike Penhall
  • Update all BSL activities for in both AE_Activity and AE_AcSegmentGroup_Activity to ensure service name is always mentioned | Mike Penhall
  • Fixed slow loading client service settings in AE Connect | Jennifer Paul
  • Brand edit page: service status now reflects current application, rather than just all applications | Jennifer Paul
  • Defaults for extended node filter | Jeff Mitchell
  • Add a better message than 'start' for invalid service state in AEJS | Jeff Mitchell
  • MemberID can now be passed into member verification API endpoint | Jeff Mitchell
  • Handling trigger.authenticate email case (option for AE popup) | Jeff Mitchell
  • data-ae-link="email" no longer affected by hide_email_form setting | Jeff Mitchell
  • Add Percentage for All-Time Unique Registrations on new endpoint report (Logins page) | Jennifer Paul
  • Add new categories for brand setup | Mike Penhall
  • Add Twitter channel name to all Twitter activities | Mike Penhall
  • Show error when repeat period set to something other than "none" for custom activities and no limit set | Mike Penhall
  • Change CACHE_LIMIT from minutes to seconds | Jennifer Paul
  • Allow members_registration_timeline to be filtered by paid_only if applicable | Jennifer Paul
  • Activity set from dropdown active members report is carried over to segment activity report | Jennifer Paul

REST API Features & Improvements

  • members/extended endpoint supports paging | Jeff Mitchell
  • Create documentation for new login/stats/alltime endpoint | Jennifer Paul
  • Additional crossover data to show social and DSP data | Jeff Mitchell
  • activity/feed endpoint activityid param now accepts a comma-separated list of IDs | Jennifer Paul

Developer site

  • Documentation around JWT authentication | Jeff Mitchell
  • Styling updates to API Endpoints pages | Jennifer Paul
  • Adding data Type into each param in API Endpoint docs | Jennifer Paul
  • Updating header links including adding a link to the *new* Developer Guides help docs | Jennifer Paul
  • Turning the API version in the sidebar into a dropdown to switch to old versions | Jennifer Paul

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