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AE Release Notes 3.5

Monday October 5 2018


  • Removed brand image mosaic code | Jennifer Tigner
  • Remove brand manager page | Jennifer Tigner
  • Navbar: globe logo for "All Brands" to replace mosaic | Jennifer Tigner
  • Navbar: change search bar to just words with Edit/Change btns underneath | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand sidebar: created sidebar to replace Brand Manager page | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand sidebar: hide search bar and sort dropdown if there's 20 brands or less | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: field labels & IDs are now unique | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: added category field | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: added how-to help links | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: added social icons to the social app field labels | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: changed overall spacing on page | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: social/streaming app sections wording changes | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: got rid of photo form field and replaced it with an upload button | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: shows image preview of logo when user uploads | before saving" | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: added in Brand Page tour | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: moved all buttons to the bottom (export/save/delete) | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: mobile optimization | Jennifer Tigner


  • Corrected 'primary hashtag' activity cor Basic Social Listening | Jeff Mitchell
  • Fixed bug where mobile navbar couldn't close once it was opened | Jennifer Tigner
  • Corrected Brand Name null in SFMC extension | Jeff Mitchell


  • Apple Music Profile Type | Jeff Mitchell
  • member_register accepts apple music profile | Jeff Mitchell
  • Apple Music Behavioral Analytics | Jeff Mitchell
  • Create brand tracking for Apple Music | Mike Penhall
  • update Spotify SFMC data extension to include new Spotify fields | Jeff Mitchell
  • Allow member avatar url to accept extension
  • Moved all page headers into a single file | Jennifer Tigner
  • Moved the applications dropdown down into the page header | Jennifer Tigner
  • Navbar: mobile optimization so nothing obstructs anything else | Jennifer Tigner
  • Navbar on mobile: same styling and gray colour as fullscreen | Jennifer Tigner
  • app_info call is getting wrong domain | Mike Penhall
  • Partner Keys saving re-orders the Permissions | Mike Penhall
  • Top 5 domains in domain dropdown | Mike Penhall
  • Platform upgraded to Silverstripe 3.7 and PHP 7.1 | Jeff Mitchell
  • Marketing Cloud Data Extension Updates | Jeff Mitchell
  • Apple Music Data to streaming crossover | Jeff Mitchell
  • Streaming crossover to include current artist | Jeff Mitchell
  • Add Apple Music popup in AE Connect | Mike Penhall
  • Add the new Apple Music BSL tracks | Mike Penhall
  • Remove Twitter as one of the choices in the walkthrough | Jennifer Tigner
  • Removing 'previous'/'next' buttons if its the first or last step | Jennifer Tigner

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