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What is AE's Privacy Center?

Here at AE, we are committed to helping our customers respect their customers privacy. We want to give you the tools to develop a lasting, trust-based relationship with your customers. 

AE's Privacy Center is here to help our clients:

  1. Offer GDPR level compliance
  2. Be privacy leaders and to increase brand trust
  3. Save staff time by letting customers manage their own data /streamline user deletion

Offer GDPR Level Compliance

AE was built from the start with data privacy compliance in mind. Whether you're focused on the GDPR or CCPA, we're here to make your life a whole lot easier.

Be Privacy Leaders

Stand out from the competition by gaining a reputation for being a data privacy innovator. Increase customer loyalty by creating a relationship built on trust.

Streamline Customer Data Management

Who has the time to be manually managing customer data? Let your customers modify their own data using AE's Privacy Center.

AE's Privacy Center is here to help your customers:

  1. See the personal data that's stored with AE
  2. Take action steps to change how the data is handled or to delete it
  3. Feel safe, in control, and respected

See The Data

Transparency is key in a fear-based privacy landscape. Show your customers you have nothing to hide by letting them access their own data.

Take Action

Give your customers the ability to modify their permissions, edit their account information, see their activity list, download their data or delete their information. Read more about that here.

Feel Secure

Privacy is a human right and online data is no exception. Help your customers to feel safe and respected by giving them control over their own data.

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