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What actions can customers take in the AE Privacy Center?

With AE’s Privacy Center, customers can take the following actions:

Review and Update Login Permissions

Customers can see which social networks they used in the past to log in and revoke permissions as they see fit.

Review and Delete Account Information

Customers can see what personal information is currently being stored by AE, such as name, email, username, website, gender, age, phone number, birth date, address, and IP based information. They can remove individual data fields or delete all stored information.

See Their Activity List

Customers can view the social activities that we have been tracking with their permission. They can clear this data and stop future data from being picked up.

Download Their Data

Customers can get a copy of all their personal data, including account information, social login information, and a list of their social activity. We offer .JSON and .CSV file formats.

Delete Their Account and Information

With the click of a button, customers can delete their whole account and all stored data. While we offer this as an option, we strongly recommend they consider other options such as turning off tracking or deleting individual data fields.

We explain that the activity we track is used to create rich web and email experiences and that in deleting their account they will no longer have access to that website/service.

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