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Create Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Using our Facebook Ads integration is going to save you a lot of time getting your ads set up and your audience built. We know -- we've done it a lot.

Before you start creating your Facebook Ad:

  1. Authorize AE to access your Facebook Ad Campaign account.
  2. Create a list of members to target.
  3. Get your marketing assets (including your images and ad copy) ready to publish.

1. Picking your Platform

If you've just exported your integration member list, you will be taken directly to editing your Facebook Ad Campaign (step 2).

Navigate to the Integrations tab and click the Ad Platforms button.

Click the Facebook button.

If you have any existing Facebook Ad Campaigns, they will appear in the table at the bottom of this page. Choose the campaign you'd like to edit.

2. Creating Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Ad Setup

Enter the basic information about your ad campaign: name, account that ad will come from and objective for the campaign.

Not sure what your Objective is? Read more about Facebook Ad objectives.

Ad Setup Details

Provide more details about your ad campaign.


A minimum $2 Daily Budget is required.
If your Objective is MESSAGES, a minimum bid of is required.

To learn more about Optimization Goals and Billing Events, check out this article by Facebook.
If you're unsure what Bid Strategy to choose, Facebook provides a handy guide to bidding strategy.

Ad Content and Visuals

In this section, you will input the content for your ad, including the copy and ad image.

Facebook Ads have recommended image dimensions. Read more here.

Save and Preview Your Ad

Once you've entered all the required information into the form, click the Update Integration button to save your ad.

Now you can preview your ad!


If you can't see a preview of your ad, it may be blocked by an ad blocker. Pause your ad blocker to see the preview

3. Huzzah! You did it!

Pretty simple, right? Now that you've set up your Facebook Ad Campaign through AE's Facebook Integration, you can log into your Facebook Ad Manager and see your ad waiting for review.

Some things to remember:

  • If you delete a campaign on AE, it will be deleted on Facebook.
  • You can edit your campaign on AE or directly on Facebook.
  • We're always here to help! Click the chat bubble in the lower right if you have any questions.

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