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Step 0 - Setup in Facebook

Chances are you already have your Facebook Ad Account all set up and ready to go. Facebook is constantly evolving and the setup is a multi-step process. Make sure you've set up the right types of accounts, and have added the people you want as editors/admins to BOTH the Business Manager and Ad Account.

Once these steps are complete you are ready to use the AE Facebook Integration!

  1. Create A Facebook Business Manager Account
  2. Add People To Your Facebook Business Manager Account
  3. Add An Ad Account To Your Business Manager Account
  4. Add People To Your Facebook Ad Account
  5. Each user also needs to accept the Facebook Terms of Service (TOS). *

* To go directly to the TOS page, copy and paste this url into your browser and replace the 123 with your Ad Account ID (article: how to find the Ad Account ID):


Make sure your editors/admins have accepted and verified the invite they are sent, and that they have accepted the Facebook TOS.

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