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Creating a Discord Bot

Appreciation Engine is able to track extra Discord activity via a bot on your Discord server. To set this up, simply follow the guide below.

Create Your App on Discord

1. Before creating your discord bot, you'll need to set up a Discord app and add it to your AE Connect using our guide here.

Create Your Discord Bot

1. Return to the Discord developer site and go to the Bot tab of your new Application.

2. Click Add Bot

Confirm "Yes, do it!" in the popup that appears to create your bot. You can also set it's username here - the default is the same as the name of the app.

3. Enable message reading permissions

Scroll down the current page (the main page on the Bot tab) to Privileged Gateway Intents and check the MESSAGE CONTENT INTENT option, then click Save.


Many Discord Bot guides will also ask you to set an INTERACTIONS ENDPOINT URL (found on the General Information tab) for your bot. These are generally used for registering slash commands and commands to the server. We don't need this for our outbound tracking. Setting this value will break the activity listening by AE, so leave it blank.

Setup Your Bot on AE Connect

1. Return to the AE Connect section of your AE Dashboard

Click the Discord icon under your app to trigger the popup. If you did all of the steps in the app setup guide you should see a new tab on the popup called Bot Settings

2. Register your bot data in AE

As per the form above, you can find your App Public Key on the General Information tab of your app at the Discord Developer site. Copy this to the popup in AE.

Your bot token can be found on the Bot tab of the Discord Developer site. You'll have to generate it the first time. Take note of it as it'll be hidden next time you visit the developer site and you'll have to regenerate it and add the new key to AE.

Note: Application ID and Client ID are always the same.

3. Save these details in AE to enable AE's Bot listening.

On clicking save in the popup you have registered a bot listening app in AE's system. If all is successful you should see a screen like this:

Setup Your Bot on Your Discord Server

1. Authorize your bot on your Discord Server

By clicking the link that will appear in your dashboard above you can sign in as your bot to the server you want to listen on. You can edit this URL to give greater permissions in the OAuth2 -> URL Generator section of the Discord developer site if you'd like to add more permissions. 

By default AE only needs the permissions for "Bot" (in the Scope section) and "Read Message History" (in the Bot Permissions section) which generates the URL:[Your Client ID]&permissions=65536&scope=bot

Clicking your auth URL and following the steps will add your bot to your server:

You should now see your bot in the online members section of your server!

You're now all set up!

AE's bot listening is now picking up the following activities:

  • Posted a message on [Your Brand's] Discord server
  • Created a thread on [Your Brand's] Discord server
  • Added a reaction on a comment [Your Brand's] Discord server
  • Joined a voice channel on [Your Brand's] server on Discord 

Connect other social networks:

Setting up a Twitter App

Setting up a Spotify App

Setting up a Reddit App

Or choose from the full list.

If you are ready,  install AE Connect, our social login solution, into your website.

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