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AE Release Notes 2.1.5

 Updates to the Appreciation Engine - 19th April 2016


  • Look up IDs on a specific service from activity creation form
  • Log entries added for segments and applications
  • Most recent log entries for current brand/ application/ segment displayed on page
  • Ability to filter reports by multiple services at once
  • Upload profile images for dashboard users
  • Filter by multiple services at once on Activity and Regsitrations pages
  • Member download of total reach
  • Facebook page report updated to better reflect most popular pages



  • Improvements to registrations by channel and brand export downloadable reports

AEJS Framework

  • 'service' value returned in onFlow and onWindow events


  • Email address verification on email submission to member_register and member_update
  • Improperly formatted emails provided by external services are scrubbed from user data
  • AEScore and AEPosition no longer require the extended flag, only the showposition flag
  • Basic Social Listening segments used for member refresh now use a subset of activities to check, rather than throwing an error

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed timezone discrepancies and filtering in registrations section
  • Registrations now filtering correctly by service(s)
  • Fix for Facebook page ID lookup errors
  • Tidied up countries dropdowns
  • Fixed brand image uploads

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