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AE Release Notes 2.1.6

Updates to the Appreciation Engine - 30th May 2016


  • Typeahead country lookup for report filter
  • Updated all javascript libraries
  • Help popups for Basic Social Listening activities in the Segments section



  • New large Activities By Country report with filters and downloads
  • Filter reports by multiple countries at once
  • Registrations Domains page now filterable


  • Both plural and singular versions of country/countries and service/services now accepted as parameters
  • LastLogin and LastUpdated added to Services node outputs for members endpoint
  • members endpoint now takes 'emails' or 'verified_emails' parameter as comma seperated list of emails to search on. 'emails' searches all emails regardless of verified status, verified_emails only searches on verified emails address.
  • GeoLat and GeoLong added to member object for both member and members endpoints.

AE Connect

  • 'redirect_to' endpoint added to handle redirects to 3rd party sites, and that can be added to settings for services such as Facebook. eg
  • Members will be linked based on provided partner Codes and partner IDs during registration. Note: It is up to the developer to ensure these partner IDs and codes are consistent for the member they wish to link to.

AE JS Framework

Bug Fixes

  • Improved handling of local storage for javascript typeaheads
  • Member profile page now displays "unknown" if gender not known
  • Further improvements to avatar handling and caching

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