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AE Release Notes 3.6

Monday Dec 3 2018

Spotify Follows

  • Create AEJS1.5 in staging (then create new branch from staging) | Mike Penhall
  • Create new data tags eg ae-data-follow | Mike Penhall
  • Create return object or message when operation successful | Mike Penhall
  • Accomodate spotify style ids eg spotify:album:3BzXDW6hEFVmHQWN7Hjozs | Mike Penhall
  • Make onFollow callback function | Mike Penhall


  • Development of AE Connect authentication plug-in for Apple Music (AppleMusic_Controller/index) | Jeff Mitchell
  • Add Apple music registration flow to built AE authentication flows (AEJS) | Jeff Mitchell
  • Add AppleMusic functionality to login flows as well as register | Jeff Mitchell
  • Add AppleMusic functionality to auth flow (account linking) | Jeff Mitchell
  • Handle modal flow of hitting apple button (redirect rather than popup...) | Jeff Mitchell
  • Dynamic developer key passed to | Jeff Mitchell
  • AppleMusic signups as 'Paid' on initialization | Jeff Mitchell


  • Rearrange the navbar items into three main categories: AE Connect, Account, Help" | Jennifer Tigner
  • Change username field on profile page: user can now leave it blank to auto-populate with email address | Jennifer Tigner
  • Change log in messaging to prompt user to sign in using their email rather than username | Jennifer Tigner
  • Added link to our AE Status page under the "Help" section in the navbar | Jennifer Tigner
  • Upgraded Font Awesome from 4.1 -> 5.5.0 | Jennifer Tigner

General Development

  • Adding 'Sign Up' link into the navbar | Jennifer Tigner
  • Styling updates: blue sidebar and white background | Jennifer Tigner
  • Added link to our AE Status page in footer | Jennifer Tigner

Sign Up

  • Consolidate three themes down to one | Mike Penhall
  • Have redirect from marketing site auto-trigger the free plan popup | Jennifer Tigner
  • Plans page: add in platinum | Jennifer Tigner
  • Plans page: get rid of whole header section so plans are visible right on page load | Jennifer Tigner
  • Plans page: mobile optimization | Jennifer Tigner
  • Improve 'success' message on Enterprise contact form | Jennifer Tigner
  • Adding email field validation to the Enterprise contact form | Jennifer Tigner
  • Change login from username to email in AEJS popups | Jennifer Tigner
  • Change email form: change username on save if previous username was email format | Jennifer Tigner
  • Pull password checks into it's own JavaScript file | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up form: New message for social sign up | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up form: hide first and last name fields if user signs up via a social network on AEJS | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up form: got rid of plans field and added a link at the top to go back if they want to change plans | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up form: getting rid of username field in favour of users logging in with their email address | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up form: change username checks as the email will now be copied to username going forward | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up form: change password checking messages to all be a single message and always visible | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up form: terms&conditions change wording from "AE Terms of Use" to "AE Service Terms of Use" | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up form: make terms&conditions agreement line bigger | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up form: submit & captcha move to the right | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up form: make fields the same gray as the captcha (much lighter than before) | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up pages: make background white | Jennifer Tigner
  • Sign-up form: mobile optimization | Jennifer Tigner
  • Truncates username to 40 characters for 3scale (keeps the full username for our databases) | Mike Penhall
  • Set up Intercom user creation on developer/signup side | Mike Penhall
  • Survey: new user survey - three questions for them while the set-up is happening (while 'the engine is churning') | Jennifer Tigner
  • Survey: saves the user choices in Intercom | Jennifer Tigner
  • Survey: fun styling | Jennifer Tigner
  • Survey: only show the survey if the user hasn't done it | Jennifer Tigner

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