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AE Release Notes 3.8

Thursday March 7 2019

Developer / Signup site updates

  • Account billing page: fix for when country defaulted to US when selecting UK | Mike Penhall
  • Unlock advanced endpoints for all users, flag with "advanced" tag instead of hiding them | Mike Penhall
  • Fix for updating expired cards from Stripe | Mike Penhall
  • Fix for paid users payment status in 3scale | Mike Penhall
  • Updated realtimedemographics on production accounts | Mike Penhall


  • Change Google+ icons to Google icon | Jennifer Tigner
  • Update user avatars - randomise between three new ones | Mike Penhall
  • Video in popup on first dashboard login | Odette Jacquet
  • Brand sidebar: limited # of brands shown for Recent Brands list | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand sidebar: changed so it only caches Enterprise | Mike Penhall
  • Improve NumberOfBrands caching | Mike Penhall

Sample Dashboard (self-serve users)

  • Added dummy data into the sample dashboard | Mike Penhall
  • Close-up on hero user profile | Mike Penhall
  • Add cron task / function for specifically populating the hero user's activity | Mike Penhall
  • Create cron tasks for add and delete activity endpoints | Mike Penhall
  • Add hero user page | Mike Penhall
  • Add onboarding tour to sample dashboard | Mike Penhall
  • Make all data non editable | Mike Penhall
  • Improve dashboard speed | Mike Penhall
  • Create red bar in header to show you are still on demo site | Mike Penhall
  • Add text message to loading screen | Mike Penhall
  • Add sample dashboard link to Help menu in navbar | Mike Penhall
  • Set up monitus endpoints for sample dashboard | Mike Penhall

New User Checklist

  • Full "Getting Started" checklist at /dashboard/getting-started | Jennifer Tigner
  • Checklist: hide when done | Jennifer Tigner
  • Checklist: add various template and function caches to speed things up | Jennifer Tigner
  • Checklist: progress bar | Jennifer Tigner
  • Trigger/save datetime when user's install first comes online | Jennifer Tigner
  • Checklist help doc to explain to user how to test their setup | Odette Jacquet
  • Going back to regular dashboard prompts a "welcome back" popup | Jennifer Tigner
  • Checklist: Added link to checklist in Account and Help dropdown menus | Jennifer Tigner
  • Checklist: Add utm params to checklist urls for google analytics tracking | Jennifer Tigner

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