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AE Release Notes 3.9

Monday April 15 2019


  • Improvement: paging added to members/active | Jeff Mitchell
  • Start/end date added to output for brand/activities | Jeff Mitchell
  • Template meta data added to output for brand/activities | Jeff Mitchell
  • Segment data added to available output for webhooks/webtriggers | Jeff Mitchell
  • Updated Geo data to use newer formats. Geodata available in member endpoint | Jeff Mitchell


  • Customer Profile Page: code change for triggering welcome popup | Mike Penhall
  • Improvement: avoid 524 error on downloads | Jeff Mitchell
  • Adding in Yahoo Japan and improvements to Line | Mike Penhall
  • Adding in new Spotify birthday scope | Mike Penhall
  • Brand edit page: changed inactive fields to match the social network styling in AE Connect | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: removed the blue buttons that block inactive fields | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: added blue status circles beside active social app fields | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: hashtag field is grey if neither Twitter nor Instagram is active | Jennifer Tigner
  • Brand edit page: popup with a list of the social apps that need activation | Jennifer Tigner
  • AE Connect: adding another link to privacy policy blog | Jennifer Tigner
  • AE Connect: link to blog 'want to fill your own database with users?' | Odette Jacquet
  • Checklist: tooltip list of steps left and tooltip styling | Jennifer Tigner
  • Checklist: push fields to Intercom when complete for privacy, social, and install steps | Jennifer Tigner
  • Checklist: added more variable caching | Jennifer Tigner

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