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AE Release Notes 3.10

Monday May 27 2019


  • Added Brand ID, Brand Name, and Brand Type columns to active members latest activities export | Jennifer Paul

Sign-up site

  • New plans page | Jennifer Paul
  • New plan technical details page | Jennifer Paul
  • Remove bronze/silver/gold/platinum plans | Jennifer Paul
  • Creating a new Pro plan | Jennifer Paul
  • Replace Enterprise contact form with Intercom messaging bot | Jennifer Paul

Developer site

  • Account section: total UI overhaul | Jennifer Paul
  • Account section: mobile optimization | Jennifer Paul

Dashboard site

  • Donut graphs and bar graphs - add stats to legend on hover | Jennifer Paul
  • Fixed an API call where age was getting cached as gender | Mike Penhall
  • Shortened export file names | Mike Penhall
  • Fix number wrapping on overview and a few other pages | Jennifer Paul
  • Capping percentage increase value around site to "500+%" if it's > 500% | Jennifer Paul
  • Added Deezer "played a track" activity | Mike Penhall
  • Small UI fixes for activity and login sections | Jennifer Paul
  • Fixed broken link on domain registrations pages | Mike Penhall
  • Shortened file names for member downloads | Mike Penhall
  • Changed wording of Export Brand button on Brand Sidebar for individual brands | Brad Vatne
  • AE Connect: Added more informative messaging to IP allowlisting | Brad Vatne
  • Data Protection form: limit Data Use field to 800 characters | Brad Vatne
  • Removed Download button from Overview page | Brad Vatne
  • Calendars add restriction where Start Date has to be before End Date | Brad Vatne
  • Added "no activity" message to Gender, Age, and Crossover Brands charts if there's no data | Brad Vatne
  • Added top activity brand name word wrap | Brad Vatne
  • Change crossover brands overview section from tab into panel | Brad Vatne
  • Plans: Upgrade to Pro plan option on plan page for Free plans | Mike Penhall
  • Plans: Plan page styling overhaul (/dashboard/plan) | Jennifer Paul
  • Plans: Remove gold and platinum plans from all code | Jennifer Paul
  • Plans: Intercom contact form bot for users interested in Enterprise plans | Jennifer Paul

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