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AE Release Notes 3.11

July 31 2019


  • Added date range to the reporting title. | Brad Vatne
  • Minor spelling mistake corrected in the "Download emails only" please confirm modal | Brad Vatne
  • SASS - Mobile menu updated | Brad Vatne
  • SASS - Tidy up of mobile header dropdown in dashboard | Brad Vatne
  • AE Connect: Added field for no-reply email address used by verification emails | Brad Vatne
  • Brand edit page: Social app popup appears only on clicking "save" | Brad Vatne
  • Profile page: description for "Custom Info" | Brad Vatne
  • Member Custom Info Styling | Brad Vatne
  • Add "No activity found for this period" message for Activity overview panel | Brad Vatne
  • Consolidate duplicate functions for datepicker calendar | Brad Vatne
  • Add 'Fetching member data' message under member tables while members are loading | Jennifer Paul
  • Login popup redesign change with new values | Jennifer Paul
  • Plans page shows 'current plan' as detailed bar graph | Jennifer Paul

Developer site

  • Add PDF of plans | Jennifer Paul


  • AEJS setting will only enable/disable the data sharing flag on first time registration | Jeff Mitchell
  • The value of the data sharing flag for each service can be checked via AEJS or API | Jeff Mitchell
  • The API or AEJS trigger methods can be used to reset the data sharing value after they have logged in | Jeff Mitchell
  • AE will not track data for users with data sharing disabled | Jeff Mitchell
  • member/register API call accepts ActivitySharing setting | Jeff Mitchell

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