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AE Release Notes 4.00

December 2, 2019


  • AEJS: Pass through raw authentication info as part of data object | Jeff Mitchell
  • Additional opt-in data in AEJS and API (brandID always included in objects) | Jeff Mitchell
  • Fix score discrepancies in member data | Mike Penhall
  • Timeout on MongoDB aggregation on members/extended | Jeff Mitchell
  • Confirm Data Node sync delay | Jeff Mitchell
  • Imports: Parse external file for addition mapping of importCode to url | Jeff Mitchell


  • Total member counts updating on app change | Mike Penhall
  • Grey out date ranges to show 180 day ranges based on start or end date | Jennifer Paul
  • Sidebar: scrollbar is in relation to size of page, not size of brand list | Jennifer Paul
  • Upgrade all api calls in dashboard to use v1.1 | Jennifer Paul
  • All-time number of users on registrations page broken down by channel  | Jennifer Paul


  • Dashboard site remove upgrade options from plan page | Jennifer Paul
  • Dashboard site remove pdf download of plans | Jennifer Paul
  • New plans page (removed Growth and Pro) | Jennifer Paul
  • Removed plan upgrade options from Developer site Account pages | Jennifer Paul
  • Removed plan options from sign-up flow | Jennifer Paul


  • Introducing the AE Privacy Center | Jennifer Paul
  • Education website is live | Jennifer Paul

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