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AE Release Notes 4.02

June 10, 2020

Dashboard site

  • Spotify pre-save now available as a segment activity
    • Create a pre-save segment to gather members in advance of an album or track release
    • When it is released, bulk send that album or track to all your members who signed up
    • Showing status of pre-save campaign on segments manage page
  • Default for charts and feeds are now set to the last 24 hours
  • Adding Spotify Podcast tracking to BSL
  • Optimizations for activity tables
  • Optimizations for daily activities
  • Optimizations for activity breakdown timelines
  • Optimizations for cross brand global view
  • Optimizations for activity and/or filters
  • Optimizations for member views
  • Segment activity manage pages: updates to styling and functionality
  • Segment activity manage page: auto-set a frequency when a limit is entered
  • Segment activity manage page: adding more validations to fields
  • Added heat maps
  • AE Connect: removed WordPress and Squarespace
  • AE Connect: added a tab that links off to your AE Privacy Center
  • Updates to datetime pickers
  • Cleanup of old brand data
  • Active Members: fix for bug where if the 'Any of these activities' ID entered wasn't in the system
  • Fix for brand typeahead
  • Fix for detailed cross brand view loading the brand images
  • Adding 'timeout' message to all charts and feeds; including a button for user to reload chart/feed
  • Improved any / all of filters for active members
  • Dashboard logs now track what fields were changed on a brand
  • Individual log page view
  • Fixed redirect bug on activity creation page


  • Added Shopify as a login option
  • Updating AEJS: version 1.7 is now the default framework
  • Allowlisting of domains added to redirect flows for AEJS

REST API Features & Improvements

  • Added exclude parameter to activities endpoint
  • Adding both Email and VerifiedEmail to auth endpoint
  • Adding paid_only param to the login/stats/alltime endpoint
  • Updated app info scopes

Developer Site

  • Added themed response examples for each API endpoint
  • Added request examples in four languages (cURL, PHP, Python, Node.js) for each API endpoint
  • Added in more upgrades to the API documentation


  • Support console
  • Architecture upgrades and speed improvements

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