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AE Release Notes 4.07

April 29, 2021


  • Upgraded the Facebook Integration from v8 to v10 in preparation for launch
  • Upgraded Google ads package from v14 to v44, and general Google Integration work (for launch later in 2021)
  • Fix for Asia-Pacific and Gaming headers being switched on AE Connect
  • Removing Intercom from Dashboard


  • Added account_usage endpoint so you can see your traffic hits globally and also per application


  • Removed Google Plus scope from AEJS authentication

Support Console

  • Set up MongoDB for agents
  • Added extra member service delete to brand importer global
  • Fixes for footer and menu items
  • Disabled autofill forms with JavaScript
  • More styling
  • Fix for CSV upload count issue in batch member delete
  • Improved members to delete count
  • Fixed missing log file issue
  • Set field as option on brand import form
  • Add Last Visited to dashboard user audit
  • Changed redirect for invalid file upload

Internal Freshdesk Integration

  • Integrating Freshdesk tickets with Clockify via webtrigger

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