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Update a Brand

1. First, you need to find the brand you want to update.

Start by clicking the "Brands" button, located by the globe on the top left of the dashboard.

2. Click on the brand you want to edit.

Find the brand listed in the Brands Sidebar or search for it in the search box.

3. Click on the "Edit Brand" button.

4. There are four sections that you can edit: Brand Logo, Basic Details, Social Pages, and Streaming Pages.

5. Updating brand logo.

To change the picture, click the "Edit Logo" button.

Browse for the new image on your computer. Make sure the image is square and at least 400px by 400px.

Select the image by clicking "Open" in the bottom right corner.

Check that your new file name is showing up on the page and click "Save".

5. Updating Basic Details

  • Name: the name of the brand (e.g. Coca-Cola, Beyonce)
  • Official Website: the brand's main website that you own
  • Wikipedia Page: provides basic information about the brand (although AE does not use the data in they're engine, in different situations, developers may use it as a resource)
  • Category: select the category that most closely describes your brand (e.g. Beyonce = Music)

6. Updating Social Pages

Add the official brand page on all applicable social channels.

In the field "primary hashtag," enter the hashtag that the brand uses the most often. This will be the default hashtag that AE tracks on your connected social channels until custom social listening is set up.

7. Updating Streaming Pages

When you're entering streaming page information for certain platforms, there are two different fields to fill in:

  1. Artist Page - put in your artist page. This is where AE does the listening for song plays etc.
  2. User Page - put in your user page. Creating a user account on Spotify and Deezer is required for creating playlists. Make sure you add this user page so we can track playlist follows.

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