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How Activities are Scored

AE measures member activity on social networks by scoring different types of behaviors. This means that when a member performs an action, such as tweeting about your brand, their score goes up in the AE dashboard. 

The number of points that each activity is worth depends on the value of the activity. For reference, here is an example of two activities, where one activity is worth more than the other:

  • The member likes your brand on Facebook: 1 point.
  • The member mentions your brand in a post on Facebook: 5 points.

The second action, mentioning your brand in a Facebook post, is five times more valuable than the first. In short, this is because creating the post and specifically mentioning a brand shows that the member has an active interest in a brand. While simply liking a brand on Facebook is still valuable, it is more passive and commonplace.

Custom Scores

If there are particular activities that are especially valuable to you, you can give them a custom score value in custom segments. For more information, see our Add A Custom Social Listening Segment article.

Scoring Reference

We have a Google Spreadsheet that lists the social actions that Appreciation Engine listens to and scores against. View the spreadsheet here. This document is updated frequently.

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