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Dashboard Users and Permissions

If multiple people from your organization use Appreciation Engine, you can set a role for them based on the amount of access they need to the dashboard.

We have three dashboard roles:

  • Admin 
    • Access to everything
    • Ability to edit & download everything
  • Editor
    • No access to the AE Connect page
    • Ability to edit and access all other sections of the dashboard 
  • Viewer 
    • No access to the AE Connect or Campaigns page, but can view all other sections of the dashboard
    • Cannot edit or download any reports or lists of users

Find Your Role

If you want to check your role or group, sign into the dashboard and click on the Profile link in the header. Select Details from the drop-down menu.

On the Details page, scroll down to look at the role field. You'll see that you're either a dashboard administrator, dashboard editor or dashboard viewer. You will also see any groups you belong to.

Change Your Role

If you need to change your role and you are not already a dashboard administrator, contact your dashboard administrator or send us a message if you need help.

If you are a dashboard administrator, see our article Adding, Updating, and Deleting Dashboard Users for more information.

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