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Example User Flow for Mobile Apps and AE Connect

You can integrate AE Connect into your iOS and Android apps in one of two ways:

  • Using webview classes provided by iOS and Android.
  • Using the AE API and native SDKs provided by social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Integrating AE Connect into your app will require slightly different methods depending on whether you're developing for iOS or Android. However, the resulting functionality is the same.

New User Flow Example

  1. A user opens up your app for the first time.
  2. They click to sign up to your app via their Facebook account.
  3. Once they have successfully logged into Facebook, Facebook presents an authentication dialog for the user to accept, with details about the permissions that your app wants.
  4. Once the user accepts, Facebooks allows your app to retrieve data and make certain actions on your user's behalf.

At this point, Facebook has given your app authentication tokens. If you share these tokens with AE, AE can then participate in retrieving data from the user. With this access, AE can now start listening, analyzing, and logging user activities.

The user flow for existing AE users is the same. If the user already has an account authenticated with AE, the registration process is switched out for the login process.

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