Release 3.1

Updated 3 years ago by Mike Penhall

Updates to the Appreciation Engine - June 2017

  • Fixed no data view for new users
  • Added master users - important users can no longer be deleted in dashboard or via API
  • Basic Social Listening segments can no longer be deleted via API
  • Brand management enabled in v1.1 (create, edit and delete endpoints)
  • auth endpoint now allows extended data view on repsonse
  • member/register endpoint params updated to match member schema, previous parameters still compatible.
Self Service
  • Better syncing of new records with percentage bar
  • Various stability improvements
  • Improved Stripe and Intercom integration
  • Ability to change email before verification and trigger resend

Developer Site

  • Improved syncing to and from dashboard
  • Examples now show compulsory field examples
  • Some console fields will be auto populated with default values
Bug Fixes
  • Improved brand selector caching
  • Firefox display fixes
  • Dropdown selector wasn't displaying all available domains in some cases
  • Improved brand imports
  • Overview page top activity icon was locked on twitter logo
  • General dashboard usability and display fixes
  • Fix for orphaned brands when the user that added them was deleted
  • Improved error messages in campaign section
  • Change to Facebook music listens template to allow multiple listens of same track

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