Adding a Spotify Pre-save Button to Your Website

Updated 2 years ago by Odette Jacquet

A Spotify Pre-save button allows fans to save tracks or albums before they’re released. On the artists side, it provides rich customer data and a huge boost in first week streaming activity. Keep reading to learn how to install this valuable little button on to your website! (Or learn about our other buttons: Follow Artist, Follow Playlist and Add Track.)

Set Up Spotify Pre-Save

Setting up a Pre-save button is very similar to a regular "Log in with Spotify" button.

1. To start, head over to your website.

Set up your AE JS on your website as usual then add the following code to your HTML:

<a href="#" data-ae-follow-link="spotify" data-ae-album-id="2jUjrmnCfEEwvC4H2twuTI">Spotify presave</a>
Make sure you fill in you own album ID.

Assuming you've added the right album ID that's all you need to do to set up the pre-save on your site. Just follow on with step 2.

Developers Note: The HTML will also accept IDs in the Spotify URI format.
For example:

If the incorrect HTML tag is used, the ID type will take precedence.
For example, data-ae-album-id="spotify:track:4KXwFI9pgJLpUIAc9oSL8j" will be treated as a track follow.

2. The last step is to modify your Spotify app permissions.

  1. From the AE dashboard, click on AE Connect, found in the top right menu bar.
  2. Next, click on the Spotify icon. You need to have the Spotify Social App set up already.
  3. A box will pop up and you will see two tabs: "Basic Settings" and "Advanced Settings." Click on "Advanced Settings."
  4. In the box that says "Add Additional Permissions," type in: user-follow-modify
  5. Scroll down and click "Save Changes." Whewf, all done!

How this will look to your Spotify user

Your user will see a “Pre-save on Spotify” button on the site. The look of the button will depend on how you have styled it. Our help docs on styling AE Connect can also be used to customize your pre-save button.

A click on the Pre-save button will trigger the Spotify registration process. This will act exactly like a regular Spotify Register, however the pre-save action will happen right after registration. The user will not have to take any extra steps and will be returned to the page as per usual, with an optional “You have now pre-saved X” message.

That's it! Enjoy watching the data roll in.

And if you run into any troubles, don't hesitate to get in touch using the blue bubble on our website!

With a custom Spotify Pre-save button, you get valuable data about your fans, allowing you to target and segment with precision. Learn how to use this data to create a killer campaign here!
If you're after a different Spotify action, we've got other buttons like Follow Artist, Follow Playlist, Add Track to Library or Follow User that you can also add to your website.

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