AE Release Notes 4.06

Updated 8 months ago by Jennifer Paul

March 22, 2021


  • Added noneofactivities API param
  • Adding checks in init() for start_date and end_date formats
  • New endpoint account_usage
  • Account_usage endpoint fixing minor comments
  • Excluded ae.monitoring from registrations results


  • Updated service links and added comment
  • Improved syncing from signup site
  • Split up two custom reports

Facebook Integration

  • Refining communication - getting ready for client testing

Support Console

  • Added sort by name to Business Unit dropdown
  • Added separate delete and read functions for csvs
  • Only delete after member deleted
  • Added cron task to delete old support console files, e.g. logs and used csvs
  • Fixed download log function
  • Counts members to be deleted on the fly, requests rerun if some still left at end of process
  • Speed improvements to member delete function
  • Brand imports has better handling of brand names that include commas

PHP Unit

  • phpunit tests for v11 brand create, edit and delete endpoints
  • Improved member last activity checks
  • More dynamic date matching


  • Data Layer update: hourly caching updates
  • Data Layer update: increase download rate
  • Data Layer optimization: Handle members from segments query in a faster way.
  • Improved index on API keys in database


  • Fix for tiktok url and ID lookup
  • Fixed blank brand creation on manage page
  • Fix to ensure only active services are add to custom report download

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