Add Custom Social Listening Segments

Getting Started

Create a new Custom Social Listening Segment to see a group of members who perform defined activities. This is an easy way to track specific activity and build custom reports. 

Note that when you create a new custom segment, everyone on your team will see the segment under that brand on their accounts, too.

To get started, go ahead and click the +New segment button on the Segments page.

Segment Description

Enter in a name for your segment and a description you'll easily understand. 

You can also choose to put in an associated domain for the segment. This means you'll only capture members who register on a particular domain and then do the activities you're adding. This can be a great way to track specific campaigns you run on a website.

Then press the Save button.

Activity List

Scroll down the page to see the activity list. This is where you will enter key activities using our templates to track specific online behavior. Click the Create new activity button to get started.

Activity Information

  1. Name: Give your activity a name you'll remember - e.g. Watched new video called "Bad Blood" on YouTube
  2. Score: The default score is 1. We recommend a maximum score of 10 for activities you consider really valuable. This score helps us weight activities so members who engage deeply, rise to the top.
  3. Limit: A blank field means every time a member does this action our engine will record it and give it a score. If you want to limit how often we pick up this action, set this here by entering a number and linking it with the repeat field below.
  4. Repeat Period: If you set a limit above, choose a time period from the drop-down box: none, in total, per hour, per day, per week or per month.
  5. The activity is live: Check this box to start tracking the activity right away. Any activities that aren't set to be live don't count towards your activity slots.

Date Range

Choose a start and end date by clicking in the date field if you want the activity to turn off tracking automatically. You can always do this manually by setting the checkbox in the Activity Details to unchecked.

Activity Details

These two final fields allow you to easily add in the specific action to be tracked using our built-in template system.

  1. Click on the Select a social service drop-down and select the service you want to track.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu for Select an activity template and choose the action that best fits.

Based on the service and activity you selected, you'll probably need to fill in a third field. Once you've selected the service and activity, there is context-sensitive help that can also help you fill in the fields.

In this example, we selected "YouTube" and "Watched a specific video". Now we have to fill in the video id number. Once you've filled in all the details, click the Update activity button to save it.

That's it. You've created an activity in a segment. Just remember it will take a couple of hours for our engine to start picking up the new data.

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