Creating a Spotify App

To start collecting social registrations with Spotify, you need to get your Spotify app up and running. Watch the video or read our step-by-step instructions to find out how.

1. Head over to the Spotify Developer site and log in or create an account.

If you haven't been to the developer site before, you'll have to go through and accept some terms of use before you can move on to the next step.

One the first screen, click anywhere in the box that says "Want to integrate with Spotify?" and you'll be redirected to the page where you can log in or create an account.

2. Click Create an App

3. Fill in the fields it asks for and press the Next button

4. Answer the question about your app

a) If you chose no, you'll have to check a couple boxes agreeing to some terms.

b) If you chose yes, you'll have to provide some more information about your app.

5. Successful!

You'll be notified that your app was successfully created and you'll see this screen. But we're not quite done yet. Click Edit Settings.

6. Fill in your app details

This is pretty straightforward. 

There are TWO fields you need to fill in for AE.


Add in:

Your website

Redirect URIs

Add in:

Then click the green Add button next to the field.

*If you're on a custom AE Enterprise plan, you'll have a custom domain. Make sure to add it in front.


If you've clicked the green Add button once you enter your Redirect URIs field, the URL should appear in green as above. 

That means you're good to go! Scroll down and hit Save.

7. Show your Secret

8. Go back to your AE dashboard tab.

If you're using the walkthrough, you can skip ahead to step #11. If you don't already have AE open, go to another tab and log into your AE dashboard account.

Click on AE Connect from the AE header.

9. Click on the Edit button

10. Select the Spotify icon

11. Paste your Client ID and Secret into the AE window and press Activate service

12. You can see your Spotify app is live with AE

13. High five! 

You've connected Spotify to AE.

Next Step

Connect other social networks or integrate AE Connect, our social login solution, into your website.

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