Creating a Deezer App

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To start collecting social registrations with Deezer, you need to get your Deezer app up and running. Here's how:

If you run trouble, check out this help doc that covers common app creation error messages.

1. Log into Deezer at the Developer site

2. Click on My Apps on the top right

3. Click on the Create a new Application button

4. Fill in your app details

Don't worry about a making a detailed description. Something like "I'm making an app to monitor customers/fans across social networks" should do.

You will probably be wondering what to put in the Domain and Redirect URL after authentication fields. Here you go:

Domain: (without the "http://" and "www.")

Redirect URL after authentication:

*If you're on a custom AE Enterprise plan you'll have a custom domain. Make sure to add it in front.


Fill in the other fields on this page. Then press the Create button.

Note: It won't let you submit until you enter a valid URL in the "Link to your Terms of Use" field.

5. Successful

You'll get a message that you've been successful and your new app details will appear below. Click on the Edit Application button.

6. Now you'll see your Application ID and Secret Key

 (Please forgive Deezer's terrible layout! The Secret Key has jumped all the way down to the bottom of the page...)

7. Open another tab and log into your AE dashboard account

Click on AE Connect from the AE header.

8. In the Connect Your Social Apps section, select the Deezer icon

9. Paste your Application ID and Secret Key into the AE window

10. You can see your Deezer app is live with AE

11. High five! 

You've connected Deezer to AE.

Connect other social networks:

Connect other social networks:

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2. Setting up a Twitter App

3. Setting up a Spotify App

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            If you are ready,  integrate AE Connect, our social login solution, into your website.

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