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By default, AE Connect only lets users sign up with an email address and a password. So, before we start setting up AE Connect on your websites, you'll need to go to the AE dashboard and add the social networks you want users to sign up with.

AE supports logins for 15 different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube.

If you've done Facebook or Twitter marketing in the past, you may already have some experience setting up social applications.

First-Time Setup

Depending on which services you want to use, setting them up for the first time might take 10 to 15 minutes. If you plan to use more than one service, we recommend setting aside an hour or two to configure them all at once.

Don't worry: this step of the process can be sort of a pain—but you'll likely only have to do it once. After today, your social applications will be set up and ready to use.

Create Login Options

You should activate logins that are important to the members who interact with your brand.

For example, if your business makes a lot of videos on YouTube, you may want to connect with users using their YouTube accounts. 

Tip: We recommend that you start by choosing three services that you think are important.

In the image below, you can see an AE Connect signup form that lets users sign up using Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, or their email address:

Setting up login options requires a couple of steps:

  1. You retrieve API keys and secret keys from the services you want to turn on.
  2. You turn the services on when you are creating or editing an application on the Applications page of your dashboard.

From the Applications page of your dashboard, just click on the logo of the service you want members to use and start entering the application data you retrieved from the social application:

If you don't know what an "API" is or what a "secret key" is, don't worry. These are passwords that Appreciation Engine will use to securely talk to services like Facebook or YouTube. We can show you exactly how to get this information in our step-by-step guides for each service.

Let's Set Up Some Social Applications

All right, now that you've read this article and have the lowdown on social services, you should set up the ones you'd like your members to use. 

Take a break from this getting started guide to see our full list of supported social applications for more information and setup instructions.

Next Step

Set up a social application. Choose one that's a good fit for your customer base and connect it with AE.

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