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Twitter Login On Your Website

Setting up your Twitter app with AE will allow your customers to log into your website through Twitter. That's how you will get social insights from Twitter! 

Your website's Twitter login might look something like this:

Tracking Brands on Twitter

When you add one or more brands on AE, our engine will track your customers' Twitter activities relating to those brands. You can add any brand you want -- it doesn't have to be your brand! You can add brands for your competitors, potential sponsors, partners, or any other key brands that interest your business. More on brands here.

Here's an example of a brand that's been added to AE.

The Data AE Collects from Twitter

This is the data AE automatically pulls from Twitter.

Member Details

Here are the member details AE collects from Twitter:

  • First + last name
  • Email
  • Username
  • Website
  • Bio
  • General location string
  • Profile image
  • Remote user ID
  • Remote username
  • Remote user URL
  • Verified email

Member Activities

Here are the member activities AE collects from Twitter:

  • Followed <BrandName> on Twitter
  • Tweeted about <BrandName>
  • Retweeted <BrandName>
  • Tweeted using <BrandName>'s primary hashtag

    Here's how these activities look on a member's profile.

To see the activity AE tracks on each social network, check out the full list here.

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