Set Up: Tracking Your Brands' Social App

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AE's secret sauce is our ability to track user behavior on social networks as it relates to the brands you care about

E.g. Music labels use AE to track activities that involve their artist brands; for instance, who's listening to that artist on Spotify or engaging with them on Instagram. 

Our behavioral analytics tracking gives you real-time insight into how your customers are engaging with you.

Once you've created and added your social applications, you'll need to let AE know which brands you want to track.

See your Brands

Once you sign up, you'll automatically have one brand added to your account. This is known as your "Umbrella" brand. All subsequent brands will be added as children of this one. Selecting this brand in the brand selector is equivalent to monitoring "All Brand Activity" on your dashboard.

To see your brands, just click "Brands," located by the globe on the top left of the dashboard. 

This will cause the Brands Sidebar to pop out. From here, select a brand from the list. 

Once the page has reloaded, click the "Edit Brand" button (located under the brand's name)

Add Social Services to a Brand

The more service URLs you add here, the more data we can track against your brand. Where possible, we then use this URL to look up the brand's ID on that service. 

E.g. If you have: a) added a Twitter application and b) added your brand's Twitter URL to the brand's Social Services section (above), AE will track Twitter mentions, uses of your brand's primary hashtag, and retweets of your brand's tweets.

You can then also add custom actions to track. In the Twitter example, this could include things like tweeting using a certain link or hashtag and so on. 

You can see a full list of the social activities we track by default, or read more on custom tracking at our support site.

The Appreciation Engine brand object accepts the following social network URLs

  • Facebook URL in the format,[FacebookID] or the old format[BrandName]/[PageID]. The URL must belong to a Facebook page, not a Facebook personal profile or group.
  • Twitter URL in the format
  • YouTube URL in the format or[ChannelID]
  • Instagram URL in the format
  • Apple Music URL in the format
  • Tumblr URL in the format
  • Spotify artist URL in the format[SpotifyID]
  • Spotify user URL in the format
  • Soundcloud URL in the format
  • Deezer artist URL in the format
  • Deezer user URL in the format
  • Napster artist URL in the format 
  • Napster user URL in the format
You can also assign a primary hashtag, e.g. #MyBrandName which will automatically be tracked on Twitter, Google+ and Instagram in addition to @ mentions.

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