Adding AE Connect to your Wix Website

Updated 1 year ago by Mike Penhall

  1. On your Wix editor at the top, click CodeTurn On Developer Tools
  2. Click the Add button on the vertical row of icons → select MoreHTML iframe 
  3. A gray box should pop up. Click “Enter Code” 
  4. Here there will be three pieces of code you will enter (instructions:  Installing AE Connect):
    1. The JavaScript script
    2. The JavaScript AEJSReady function (remove all comments)
    3. The HTML
  5. Click “Apply”. Now it should show your HTML (for example: "Register with Spotify". Move this box to wherever you want on the page.
  6. Click “Publish” at the top-right to save and update your website
  7. You will have to add the URL of this HTML iframe to your allowlist on AE (rather than your website's general URL). This URL will be (Replace the mytestsite bit with the first part of your live Wix page url. For example, if your website is, you want mytestsite.)
  8. You will have to add an event if you would like to give your members an indication that their registration was successful. One way to do this is to redirect to a page, such as a “thank you” page.

Please Note: 

  • This is to register users to AE Connect so you can utilize our functionality such as tracking and emails. It does not create a database on your Wix where users can create their own full profile.
  • Make sure to follow best practices regarding email collection, user opt-ins, and spam.
  • Next Step -> Test that AE Connect works

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