Your Cookie Text Using AE Connect

AE uses cookies with AE Connect, so that our single sign-on solution can run across a range of websites. For example: a fan logs into Ariana Grande’s website, then they visit another artist website that has AE Connect installed and they are already logged in.

Writing your Cookie Text

As part of getting AE Connect set up you'll need to display a cookie policy. We've already filled in some template language for you. You'll just need to tweak this for your needs.

Just make your updates and press the Preview button to see what the pop up will look like to your site visitors. Here's an example:

Your Visitors Have To Give Consent

Your website visitors will have to agree by clicking the blue button "I Agree to Use of Data". Once they've done that, visitors can register on your site using AE Connect. Building this sort of transparency around data usage will give your customers a lot of confidence in your company. It is the new way forward!

Once you have happy with how the text looks and checked that your Privacy Policy link is working press Save. Presto!

Me want cookie!

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