AE Release Notes 4.05

Updated 1 year ago by Jennifer Paul

November 9, 2020

Dashboard Site

  • Freshdesk Integration widget is now live
  • Clear all storage when switching dashboards
  • Updates to Facebook integration (in beta testing phase)
  • Upgraded Facebook business sdk from v7.0.0 to v8.0.0
  • Added 'dashboard-integration-beta-editor' role
  • Styling for Custom Fields in Brand Edit page

Support Console

  • Count matching members when bulk deleting and returning in real time
  • Added "delete dashboard" user tab
  • Delete user from multiple business units
  • Update brands script
  • Fixed overwrite issue where not updating existing brands
  • Fixed bug with supermember ID getting copied across
  • Reordered messages from Support Page, simplified issuperuser check


  • Added 'country' lookup to activity for non geo
  • Always use IP lookup on member_register
  • Ordering for extended in all cases
  • Created/modified on brands, segments and activities


  • New apps adding crons and mongo hooks
  • Apps setup asynchronous
  • Added custom and new total count field to crons
  • Download now grabs total and custom
  • Fix to use internal member counts that match the API results, rather than use the API endpoints themselves (less timeouts)
  • Lowered threshold for clearing activities storage
  • Clear AE local storage on sign in page load, remove JavaScript from logout function

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