Change a Brand Image

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Note: The first time you add a brand, we automatically pull the brand image from the linked Twitter profile. If you want, you can change a brand image at any time from the brand's page.

1. First, you need to find the brand you want to update. 

Start by clicking the "Brands" button, located by the globe on the top left of the dashboard.

2. Click on the brand you want to edit.

Find the brand listed in the Brands Sidebar or search for it in the search box.

3. Click on the "Edit Brand" button.

4.  Click the "Edit Logo" button.

5. Browse for the new image on your computer. 

Make sure the image is square and at least 400px by 400px. Select the image by clicking "Open" in the bottom right corner.

6. Check that your new file name is showing up on the page and press the "Save" button. 

You're all done and your brand image has been updated!

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