What is AE Connect

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AE Connect connects you and your customers. At its simplest, AE Connect is a signup form. If users can sign up for any kind of account on your website, you can use AE Connect for your registration form.

AE Connect supports over 15 different social logins, as well as a traditional email registration method. You can see a full list of the services we support, as well as step-by-step setup instructions at the Creating Social Applications for AE section of our documentation.

How It Works

When users sign up using one of their social media accounts or their email, AE Connect asks permission to view some of their account information. AE Connect lets anyone sign up so that they can log into your website as users.

We'll cover how users and the AE dashboard work later on. For now, just remember that AE Connect authenticates users with their choice of social service.

Using Your Existing Data

If you're already using another product or service to collect customer data or register new users, we have importing instructions for you. See our article What If I Already Keep Customer Data Elsewhere? for more information.

If you're ready to set up AE Connect, see our next article, where we'll walk you through the process of setting up AE Connect on your website.

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