Extended User Actions on Signup

Updated 6 days ago ​by Mike Penhall

After a user has registered using AE Connect, you can use their AE user data to "make calls" to other services they use. 

E.g. You could extend your Sign Up with Spotify  button to perform additional actions. For instance, Sign Up with Spotify – And Follow This Artist.

There are limitations to what additional actions can be achieved. It always depends on what permissions the user and social application give you. That said, here are some ideas for potential ways you can extend AE Connect to perform additional actions with the user's consent:

  • Ask users who register with Spotify to also follow a target artist.
  • Ask users who register with Twitter to post a pre-populated tweet that links to your website.
  • Ask users who register with YouTube to subscribe to your channels.

If you'd like to customize the AE Connect experience, you'll probably need help from a web developer.

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