Brand Basics

Updated 11 months ago by Annabel Youens

Our engine tracks key behaviors your users exhibit against the brands you've put into AE. So, having up-to-date and complete brands makes a big difference in terms the value of the data.

Types of Brands

You can enter any brand into our dashboard. You don't have to be an administrator or owner of that brand. This is a special feature unique to our engine, so you can track competitors, potential sponsors, partners, or other key brands that interest your business.

When you're adding a brand, remember to add as much detail as you can. The more details we have around a brand, the deeper our tracking can go and the better your data will be. And make sure to double-check you've added the right details - you don't want to be tracking the wrong brand!

Refer to the other articles in this sub-section to find the information you need about brands.

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