How to Use Activity Filters

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The AE dashboard includes a variety of filters you can use to create strategic or logical groups of members. This article acts as a reference for all of the filters and their functionality.

To start filtering your members, head over to the Active Members tab.

Header Filters

From the header of each page, you can sort the entire AE dashboard using three important global filters:

  • Select Application: This drop-down menu filters members by application, meaning any property or data source you have an individual AE instance set up on.
  • All Brand Activity: This drop-down menu filters the dashboard by any brands that you have set up.
  • Time: This drop-down menu filters your entire dashboard by a specific time period. (By default this is set to the last 7 Days.) 

Basic Filters

Under the Filtering heading on each page, you can define the scope of dashboard results using the following basic filters:

  • The All Segments drop-down menu. This allows you to choose from any segment of members that you have previously defined.
  • The Opted in for email checkbox. Filter by members who have opted-in to receive emails from you.
  • The All Channels drop-down menu. Filter members from any of your configured social services.
  • The Paid Services Only checkbox. Filter for members who pay for a social service. (Currently, this only applies to Spotify and Deezer.)
  • The All Countries drop-down menu. Filter members by country.
  • The Period drop-down menu: Filter to set a time period for your results. Note that this overrides the time drop-down menu in the page header.
  • The Age drop-down menu. Filter to narrow your results by age.
  • The Gender drop-down menu. Filter results by male, female, or all genders.
  • The Search field. Enter any @username, email address, hashtag or URL.

Advanced Filters

Using the filters under Advanced search, you can further narrow down your member results.

  • Start Date and End Date. Use these filters to set a more specific time period. This is useful for campaign reporting. These date fields override any other time periods filters on the current page.
  • The Member score range. Use these filters to set a minimum and maximum social score for your member results. 
  • The Any of these activities and All of these activities fields. Use these fields to filter results by specific activity IDs. See our activity spreadsheet for a complete list of IDs. We also have a detailed article about these filters.

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