AE Connect

So...What is AE Connect?

Good question!

This is AE Connect:

And this is AE Connect:

And this is AE Connect, too:

AE Connect is what allows your customers to connect to you. It's the software that handles customer social login so that you can start seeing their activity in your dashboard.

In order to get it set up, you're going to create a social app for each service you want your customers to have as a sign-in option ("sign in through Facebook", "connect with Spotify", etc.). Once you've hooked in your social apps to AE, you'll install AE Connect onto your website. Then you'll be up and running!

"But how the heck do I do that?" you think. Don't worry, we've got you covered with step-by-step instructions and a super friendly, helpful crew available at the click of the button (that would be the blue balloon in the bottom right corner of the page!). 

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