Creating a Foursquare Application

Updated 7 days ago ​by Chloe Hogan-Weihmann

To start collecting social registrations with Foursquare, you need to get your Foursquare app up and running. Here's how:

1. Sign into Foursquare at the Developer site

2. Click on Create a new app

3. Fill in your app details

This is pretty straightforward.

The only field you need to fill in for AE is Redirect URI. 

Add in:

*If you're on a custom AE Enterprise plan you'll have a custom domain. Make sure to add it in front.


Fill in your details and press the Save changes button.

4. Successful!

The page will reload and you'll see your app on the page with the Client ID and secret.

5. Open another tab and log into your AE dashboard account

Click on Applications from the AE header.

6. Click on the Edit button

7. Select the Foursquare icon

8. Copy your Client ID (a.k.a Key) and Secret into the AE window and press the Activate service button

9. You can see your Foursquare app is live with AE

10. High five! 

You've connected Foursquare to AE.

Next Step

Connect other social networks or integrate AE Connect, our social login solution, into your website.

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