Filter & Download Member Lists

The list of members at the bottom of your Activity page match any filters you've set at the top. There are a variety of filters you can use.

Header Filters

1. Application drop-down: the data source of your members

2. Brand drop-down: the brand your members have engaged with

3. Time drop-down: the time period

4. Domains drop-down: Any domain you've defined

Basic Filters

5. Segments drop-down: Any segment you've specified

6. Channels: If you want to specify a social channel (e.g. Facebook)

7. Countries: If you want to specify a country

8. Period: If you've selected a longer time period -- this time period will override the time period drop-down near the header 

9. Age: If you want to specify an age group

10. Gender: If you want to specify female, male, or all

11. Search field: Any @username, email address, hashtag or url you've specified

Advanced Filters

1. Start and End dateIf you've set a very specific time period, very useful for campaign reporting. This date field will override any other time periods selected on the page.

2. Member score: You can set a member score range. More information on member scores can be found here.

If you're wondering about the "any of these activities" and "all of these activities" drop-downs, that information can be found here.

Once you've defined the filters and created the list of members you're looking for, you can sort that list on the page by using the arrows next to columns: Score, Actions, Last Activity, Gender and Location.

Download this list of users, their emails, or start a campaign surrounding this segment using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

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