Website User Roles & Permissions

We have three dashboard roles that determine what actions each account can do in AE. 

  • Admin 
    • Access to everything
    • Ability to edit & download everything
  • Editor
    • No access to the Applications page
    • Ability to edit and access all other sections of the dashboard 
  • Viewer 
    • No access to the Applications or Campaigns page, but can view all other sections of the dashboard
    • Cannot edit or download any reports or lists of users

We have also grouped brands under teams, like "Interscope" and "Defjam", so it's easy to just see the brands you work with on a daily basis.

Find Your Role

If you want to check your role or group, click on the Profile link in the header. Select Details from the drop-down.

From the "Your Profile" page, scroll down to look at the role field. You'll see that you are listed as Dashboard Administrator, Dashboard Editor or Dashboard Viewer, plus any associated groups you belong to.

Change Your Role

If you need to change your role, please contact your dashboard administrator or send an email to

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