Creating a YouTube App

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To start collecting social registrations with YouTube, you need to get your YouTube app up and running. 

1. Log into Google at the Google API Manager site and visit the API Library page.  

From the Library page, choose the category YouTube on the left-hand side.

2. Click on the YouTube Data API v3 icon

3. Click the blue Enable button

4. Enabled

You'll get a working page and then see the page refresh, showing that you have your YouTube API up and running.

5. Credentials

Click Credentials on the sidebar.

7. Fill in your brand & company details

Make sure you're as complete as possible to present the best view to your customers. Fill them in and press the Save button.

After a few seconds your info will be saved and you'll see the Credentials screen again. From the Create credentials drop-down, select OAuth client ID.

9. In the Create client ID screen, select Web application

10. Fill in your AE details

There are four fields to fill in with AE details.

Authorized JavaScript origins (2 URLs)

Authorized redirect URIs (2 URLs)

If you're on a custom AE Enterprise plan, you'll have a custom domain. Make sure to add it in front.
E.g. in those four fields and press the Create button at the bottom.

11. Successfully created!

You'll get a pop up with your client ID and client secret.

12. Go back to your AE dashboard tab

If you don't already have AE open, go to another tab and  log into your AE dashboard account.

Click on AE Connect from the AE header.

13. From the Connecting Your Social Apps tab, select the YouTube icon

14. Copy your client ID and client secret into the AE window and press the Activate service button

15. You can see your YouTube is live with AE

16. High five! 

You've connected YouTube to AE.

17. Get it verified

Recently, Google has put in a review process so your app can be verified. 

We highly recommend you  follow the process outlined here to get your AE app verified. It takes between 24-72 hours for Google to approve and verify your app. 

The basic steps are:

  1. Verify your domain with the webmaster tools
  2. Complete the App Form
  3. You'll need to have a public Privacy Policy that you can link to

Good luck and let us know if you need any help!

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            If you run into troubles, check out this help doc that covers common app creation error messages.

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