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Appreciation Engine tracks "activities." These are key behaviors that you can observe your members performing in the context of the brands you've set up on your AE dashboard.

Having the right activities tracked can make the collected data more valuable.

Basic Activities

By default, we track a wide range of basic activities that your customers perform. We call this basic social listening.

If you are using AE Connect, we also track a range of member information when they first sign up, and every time they visit your website after that. All of this information is available from our Registration tab.

Custom Activities

You can also track custom activities by entering them into our dashboard. These custom activities allow you to create specific campaigns, track online events, or even look at particular groups of customers who exhibit a specific type of behavior online.

Custom social listening activities can be added through the Segments tab in your dashboard.

Social Activities

Appreciation Engine looks at a lot of customer behavior. A key piece of this is their social activities.

We listen to everything a customer does on the social channels once they have given Appreciation Engine social permissions. Then, you can compare what they do socially against the brands you've entered into the dashboard.

If a customer does any action below, for any brand you're tracking, we score and store that information. We call this filtering.

Tracking social behaviors requires that you set up social applications to connect with your customers on their favorite platforms. See a list of our supported social integrations.

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