Using the Brand Drop-Down Menu

Sorting member activity by brands is a key feature of our engine. You can use the brand drop-down menu to easily navigate between brands.

Filter by Typing

Put your cursor in the drop-down field to start typing the brand you want. The results will automatically filter.

Once you've found the right name, click on it and press Enter on your keyboard.

View the Top 10

Click on the arrow in the brands drop-down to see a quick list of the Top 10 Brands. These are the brands that have the most member activity around them right now. Click on any Top 10 name to see that brand.

All Brands

If you want to get an overview of how your members are engaging across all your brands, select All Brand Activity from the brand drop-down.

Now you'll see all your members and how they are behaving against all your brands.

Next Step:

Find out how to generate crossover brand reports, or

Find out how to export brand details

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