Creating a Reddit App

Updated 9 months ago by Mike Penhall

To start collecting social registrations with Reddit you need to get your Reddit app up and running. Here's how:

1. Sign into Reddit at the Reddit Apps site

2. Click on create another app...

3. Fill in your app details

Most sections are pretty straightforward. 

  1. Don't worry about writing a very detailed description, something like "I am creating an app so that I can monitor fans/customers across social networks," should do fine.
  2. Where it requests a  Callback URL, paste the following:

*If you're on a custom AE Enterprise plan you'll have a custom domain. Make sure to add it in front.


Fill in your details and press the Create app button.

4. Successfully registered!

You'll get a message you've been successful and your new app details will appear below. 

5. Go back to your AE dashboard tab 

If you're using the walkthrough, skip ahead to step #13. If you don't have AE open already, open a new tab and log into your AE dashboard account.

Click on AE Connect from the AE header.

6. In the "Connect Your Social Apps" section, Select the Reddit icon

7. Copy your Client ID and Secret over to the AE window and press the Activate service button

8. You can see your Reddit app is live with AE

9. High five! 

You've connected Reddit to AE.

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If you are ready, integrate AE Connect, our social login solution, into your website.

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